For women

Gentle Touch of Tantra - Tantra massage without the intimate part

Get the best from the Tantra massage without having to cross the borders of your own intimacy. Enter a new, unknown space, and fondle your body with so far undiscovered feelings.

Tantra massage De Luxe – Path from a woman to a goddess

Discover the hidden potential of your inner female energy. Enjoy the unique experience, while your living energy will be spreading up to your whole body and will change into the healing power. It may also help you intensify your female characteristics, such as intuition, empathy and receptiveness and will lead you to inner peace, balance and satisfaction.

Tantra Massage – Hot Lava Stones

Try this Tantra massage enriched by favorable effects of Lava Stones. Their use during the massage will bring you even greater relaxation and release. Warmth and strength of Hot Lava Stones will release your body from stress and tension in muscles. It encourages the natural flow of life energy within your body. The sense of using the Hot Lava Stones during the Tantra massage is above all in helping to spread the energy into the whole body and multiplying the beneficial effects of the massage.