For men

Tantra Massage De Luxe – Dancing Shiva

Increase your inner power, wake it up and get the unique feeling of excellent relaxation and long excitement.

Tantra Massage – Hot Lava Stones

Try this Tantra massage enriched by favorable effects of Lava Stones. Their use during the massage will bring you even greater relaxation and release. Warmth and strength of Hot Lava Stones will release your body from stress and tension in muscles. It encourages the natural flow of life energy within your body. The sense of using the Hot Lava Stones during the Tantra massage is above all in helping to spread the energy into the whole body and multiplying the beneficial effects of the massage.

Tantra massage with elements of shamanism - The Secret of Universe

Use the power of sexual energy for the realization of your wishes and dreams. This energy can help you positively influence your life and make your desires and intentions come true. Immerse into your soul during the sound of shaman drum. Find the way to your inner ”yourself”. Leave your Ego behind and find the way to your purest essence.