About me

My first contact with Tantra was in 2001, shortly after completing my studies at the Faculty of Economics. At that time, I was fascinated by that new and mysterious world, which brought me very strong experiences and knowledge.

The vital experience which influenced me very strongly in my future perception of Tantra happened several years later, during a massage in India. As a receiver of the massage, I had very deep, indescribable experience. There was a moment when I tasted my own essence. I felt the great unity within myself and with the entire world. Till that time, I'd never had such an experience and I knew that this was a very unique moment. Even after so many years, the memory of this is still alive.

I started to be more and more interested in Tantra massages and as a receiver I had more such experiences which were similar to the one in India. That motivated and inspired me very much. I was trying to give a similar experience to the people who received massages from me. I found out that also when I give the massage, I have similar deep experiences. I was passing through the reciprocal connection of hearts, energy fusion with the receiving person, tangible feeling of love, repletion and happiness. I revealed completely new dimensions of understanding.

Later, I started to explore various techniques of shamanism. Tantric world and the world of shamanism blended together and I wondered how I could use these shaman elements in the massage.

Today, Tantra is the most beautiful mission for me. It inspires me and recharges me. It brings me beyond the borders of my own mind, my comprehension, to higher consciousness. It is my source of infinite knowledge, inspiration and creativity.